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New Ag Committee Project: Mask Distribution

By J Allen Cameron, Agriculture Director

  JUNE 4, 2020 --

The Connecticut State Grange has a rich history of supporting Connecticut agriculture for over 135 years. 

We cannot begin to understand how the COVID-19 pandemic has impacted you, your agribusinesses, families, employees and in many cases your livestock. Markets are soft, at best, making it near impossible to maintain any positive outlook while understanding that you, and your fellow farmers and producers, are feeding our families and children. This is no small task, and George Russell, President and myself as Agricultural Director, along with our 1,700 plus members of the Connecticut State Grange, thank you and encourage you to be steadfast in your endeavors ensuring a continual flow of meats, milk, vegetables, fruits, seafood and plants make their way to markets throughout Connecticut.

As a symbol of our gratitude the Connecticut State Grange has been able to purchase 80 boxes of 50 masks per box and are making them available to any farm operation large or small. All you need to do is contact me directly at agriculture@ctstategrange.org with your address and telephone number and I will personally make sure you receive 50 masks.

I would like to thank the Connecticut Farm Bureau for helping coordinate this project with us and wish you much success as we navigate the trying and uncertain times.


J. Allen Cameron
Agricultural Director
Connecticut State Grange

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