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Membership News
Membership News: Thank You For Helping

By Faith Quinlan, CT State Grange Membership Director

  MAY 2020 --

It  has  been  my  hope  that

through this crisis we are able to continue to connect in some way with each other. I’ve been reaching out to people to see how members are continuing to communicate with their Brothers and Sister Grangers. Many of you seem to use email and phone and I am pleased there are some who are taking advantage of our Zoom account. Most meetings seem to have a combination of call-ins and video chat. Everyone seems to have access to a phone and calling in is very simple.

I get to see what many of you are up to on Facebook. I am so proud of the many members who have stepped up to help during this difficult time. I have seen that making face masks by the hundreds, donating to food banks and various things that help support our first responders has been the most common way members are giving back. Thank you for helping your community and showing them Grangers really care!

My plan for 2020 was to hold group events that included training and fundraising. I also had planned to visit many granges and attend their meetings. Not surprisingly Covid-19 has thrown my 2020 plan into a need for some major revision. Although the information we are receiving about when things may open up again and how things may go through the next year or so is very confusing and ever-changing. I have been reading and taking courses to learn more about different avenues we may take to recruit members and keep our current members active in a way that is safe and interesting. What I will reinforce is that using a computer or being willing to step out of your comfort zone with communication will be the key to any success the Connecticut Granges may have to continue.

I’m frightened that without your participation it will be very difficult for me to do the best job. This will rattle us and make us uncomfortable but there is a way to continue and remain safe.  Together we have a chance to bond and work through this crisis as the family we really are.

From my home we send love, hope and thoughts of your continued health and safety. I may be a newer member of this group but my heart is invested in everyone’s well-being and the well- being of the Order.

A final plug for participation ... Please make sure to register for the Zoom with the Foundation and Membership this month with me and Sue Masino. This will be valuable information and a chance to try out how simple virtual meetings can be.



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