Saturday, January 23, 2021
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Around The Grange
April 2020 News from Lyme Grange No. 147

By Lois Evankow

  April 25, 2020 --

May 7: Birds, bees and flowers

May 9:  Breakfast- plant and food sale, 8-1

June 4:  A Rose is a Rose, Happy Spring!

Our Master, Assistant Steward, and Secretary were sick and could not attend our March meeting. However, it was a very productive evening.

Dan Mutchler is heading up our breakfast, slated to be held along with our annual plant and food sale on May 9 from 8-1. He has his act together and hopefully we will have a successful fundraiser. We need all hands on deck for donations of plants and food. Also help in the kitchen. As usual, any fundraiser events need everyone to participate. Our own Norman Stitham is taking care of our advertising.

Just hope the man upstairs sends us a nice day.



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