Wednesday, June 23, 2021
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Due to COVID-19 Stay Home Mandates - CALL Before Attending Grange Events


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April 2020 News from Winchester Grange No. 74

By Todd Gelineau

  April 10, 2020 --

Apr. 14: 1st & 2nd Degrees, Ref. Ted

& Linda Benedict

Apr. 28: 3rd & 4th Degrees, Harvest Potluck (6:00 PM)

May 12: Music Night, Ref. All Members

May 26: Mother (Country Store)

Well… we have to start by saying the calendar above depends on many things waaaaaay out of our control! I’m hoping when we are finally given the green light to resume some of the social aspects of our lives Grange activity will boom across the state!

We met for our first meeting of March with a program on St. Pats Day. The second meeting of the month was canceled due to the social distancing requirements caused by the Coronavirus.

Due to the generosity of our members, a large number of the new folding chairs were purchased for the hall. Unfortunately, the wrong chairs were shipped and they all had to be sent back! This happened just before the Corona “lock down” in March. Hopefully the new chairs will be on their way to us soon. Even with the large number ordered, there is still a very good number of chairs that still need replacement. Donations of any size will be gratefully accepted towards this project. The chairs we are replacing are the ones originally purchased for the hall when it was rebuilt following the fi of 1952. They have served us well and are slowly (or maybe not so slowly) giving up on us.

Discussions remained unresolved regarding the merger of Eureka Grange with Winchester Grange. All members of Winchester agree that Eureka members are absolutely welcome to join us. However, they own a hall that would become the responsibility of Winchester Grange to maintain should it not sell right away. This kind of financial drain on Winchester’s finances would not bode well for us.  When we are able to meet again, discussions between Winchester, Eureka and the State Grange Executive Committee will resume and I’m sure we will come to an agreement on how to move forward.

Until next time give a fellow member a call or send an email to check in with them. Social distancing doesn’t mean we can’t keep in touch! Stay well everyone.



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