Wednesday, June 23, 2021
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April 2020 News from Killingly Grange No. 112

By Glenna Bruno

  April 21, 2020 --

Apr. 25:  Bluegrass

Killingly Grange #112 held its January meeting with a quorum of members.  The hall was set-up for a regular meeting, however due to misinformation or none, our Master and Secretary did not arrive. I could have held the meeting as I was present. Hind sight.

Discussion about the upcoming bluegrass functions was held. A supper of meatloaf was held on Feb.

22. The events are to be held on the fourth Saturday of March and April, perhaps longer. Check the newspaper, bulletin and WINY radio for further information.

This correspondent has been on the sick list a few times lately as she doesn’t go out too much during the frigid weather. Our Chaplain has also been ill and was hospitalized for a time. Anne Duval may be home now or recuperating elsewhere. Just hope you’re getting better Anne.

Mikel Fiske, a 50 year member of Killingly who lives in Texas has missed the Grange news about Killingly Grange #112 and called to see what happened. Sorry Mike, I’ll try to do better hereafter.

Gert Blain and I each received a Christmas card from a former Brooklyn Granger, Lindall Berry. He always signs his name The Lone Granger, as there are no Granges in South Carolina. (Editor:   There are Granges in S. Carolina, just not where this member lives).   I’m not sure if there is anyone from Brooklyn Grange who corresponds with him. At this writing I have no further news or activities going on at Killingly Grange. By the way- the daffodils are just peeking up in a corner of my yard. It’s warmer out there so let’s get the best of the sunshine.



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