Thursday, July 29, 2021
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Around The Grange
March 2020 News from Taghhannuck Grange No. 100

By Barbara Prindle

  March 3, 2020 --

Mar. 7: Hosting Mt. Laurel Pomona meeting at 4:00 P.M.

Mar. 12: My Favorite Oldies & What They Mean, 7:30 P.M.

Apr. 9: Spring Cleaning In & Out Our Master gave out the new

annual word at our January meeting and we had a lot of fun at our February meeting trying to think up a way to remember it.

We draped the Charter for Jack Downey, Lucy Gould and Andy Olson, our Assistant Steward who contributed much to our meetings and helped with anything that needed doing. He was greatly missed all evening as members did what was needed in his absence.

At our February meeting we donated $250 to the totally volunteer Sharon Ambulance Squad towards their new ambulance. According to their request letter the donation could buy turn signal lights or maybe a Rear Compartment Entry Door. As you can see the squad has a sense of humor.

On March 12th the kindergarten teacher from Sharon Center School will talk to us about her new Food/ Snack Program. After hearing her we will decide if this will be our new Community Service Project for the year.

With the new Mountain Laurel Pomona #15 handbook you can find out what our programs are in advance. Find one you like and come visit us. NOTE: The April meeting is cleaning the Hall and if you “like” that one be sure to bring cleaning supplies. Yes, we are a fun group.



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