Thursday, July 29, 2021
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Around The Grange
March 2020 News from Colchester Grange No. 78

By Bonnie Trecarten

  March 3, 2020 --

Our Grange welcomed Ted Beebe, State Membership, as an associate member of Colchester Grange. Ted has been a guest contributor to our Grange for many years and we are pleased to include him as a permanent member.

We continue with our community service efforts at Apple Rehab and Harrington Court facilities.

Grange members Cathy Russi and Eve O’Connell recently held a Mardi Gras themed baking party for residents at Harrington Court. Mardi Gras beads in gold, green and purple were distributed to party goers and a cinnamon roll King cake with pastel frosting along with cupcakes was baked with participation from the residents. In lieu of hiding the traditional plastic baby in the cake, it was decided that edible gummie candies would be used instead. That way all who took a piece of cake would get the lucky surprise. All were looking forward to finding their gummy surprise in their piece. When the cake was baked and served at the party there was a surprise, but not as expected. All the gummies had melted during baking and were nowhere to be found in the cake!

Many thanks to Cathy and Eve for their efforts every month to provide baking fun for the Harrington Court residents.

Happy St Patrick’s Day to all and think Spring.



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