Friday, July 03, 2020
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Hank the Burro: Ground Hog

By Hank the Burro

  March 1, 2020 --

Hello Grange friends!

It’s been a relatively mild winter so far - cold, but not too much snow. My friend the Groundhog says that we will have an early spring. Let’s hope he’s right! We haven’t been out and about much - but that will change soon with Leader’s Conference coming up in Albany, NY in March,. We did attend the Nation- al Grange Master’s Conference in Baltimore mid-February. Keep an eye out as we will be visiting more as Spring comes.

Want to keep up with all of my travels? Just follow the link to my Facebook page, and then click the “Like” button once you are on the page to see our updates in your FB timeline. http://www.Facebook.com/CTGrangeHanktheBurro  



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