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Membership News
Membership News: Operation: What Is The Grange?

By Faith Quinlan, CT State Grange Membership Director

  March 1, 2020 --

So much sad news about the closing of our Granges due to decline in Membership makes it important I again share some of the 2020 plans and goals.  The “”Kick Off” program for Leading, Learning

& Making a Difference is titled “Building our Brand by Engaging Our Communities” with Carmen Brickner. The program will help to get us thinking about how to craft our brand at a community Grange level, understanding what a brand is and how to communicate that to attract potential members.   Branding  is a term used in business and with a large part of our population at the working age and looking to gain skills and networking to meet potential employers and mentors it seems we are well matched to offer community support and do so in a way that serves their needs and our own.

This program is what I secretly call “Operation: What Is the Grange? Delivery System” (not so secret now). It is my belief that if we show them who we are, what we do and we welcome them and their ideas.. Then all we need are opportunities to be in front of them. Leading, Learning and Making a Difference will use educational events to put the Connecticut Granges right in front of the target audience. These will be big tools in changing membership decline.

I have spoken with a few people about new program ideas they would like to host with the help of the membership team, please keep those coming!



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