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Youth News
Youth News: The Pillars of the Grange

By Dawn Anstett, CT State Grange Youth Director

  February 1, 2020 --

It’s mid-January, as I sit down to write about the new youth project, I am just getting a chance to read about in the 2020 Youth Program Guide. The G•R•A•N•G•E Youth Pillar Project replaces the achievement award seals among other awards and contests. Their description of this project reads: “The Pillar Project is to hone in on the passions, creativity and leadership abilities of Grange Youth and Young Adults.? It goes on to mention that the pillars serve as the six main things that we should be striving to live by as G•R•A•N•G•E Youth.”

So what are these six pillars? The first is Growth. Many of us have grown up in the Grange and you haven’t you have grown in your understanding of the many things the Grange embodies and stands for. For youth, the Grange provides many opportunities for growth in leadership and hard work which is embodied in the second pillar is Ritual. The other four pillars revolve around what we do as Grangers.

The Action we take, how we Network, or get involved in Grassroots Advocacy and of course Education.

The Pillar Projects that youth not only get involved in projects, but take one on and track it from beginning to end. This is really one of the first lessons imparted to us, when we join the Grange. Every time I instructed those joining the Grange to note down new and useful ideas that they be not lost, for new ideas are the material from which progress is made,? I was imparting this that ties into one of the pillars.

More details about this will be placed on the CT State Grange Youth web-page. I hope to offer a workshop for interested youth and mentors to get you started on implementing this in our Granges. I have also been contacted by youth members interested in starting a youth drill team. Anyone interested in either of these events, please contact me through Facebook or by emailing me at youth@ctstategrange.org



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