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Community Service News
Community Service News: Grange Hall WiFi Grants

By Noal and Marcia Miller, Directors

  October 1, 2019 --

I hope that all your reports are turned in so they can be judged for Community Service, and Firefighter, Police and School Teacher Awards. Many Granges have listed many activities on Facebook and local newspapers so I hope you take the time to fill out the forms.

BREAKING NEWS! The Community Service Committee has been entrusted with a NEW GRANT this fall. Any Grange wanting to install internet access to their Grange Hall, the Community Service Dept. will provide a $250.00 up front grant that will help you get it installed with the equipment. The monthly bills after that will be your Grange’s responsibility. Interested Granges should contact Chairman Noel Miller for information. This is a great venture to gain access to all of our Grange halls. Check it out.



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