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Youth News
Youth News: Using Technology To Grow Grange

By Dawn Anstett, CT State Grange Youth Director

  October 1, 2019 --

By now you have seen it, or at least you did if you read my article in the last Granger. Just below my article was the line: “Grange Hall WiFi Grants.” Why I mention it is I can only imagine how this not just help with not just providing a community service, but help us program better for those Y and Z generations out there? Our youth and young adults.

As someone who belongs to a Community Grange where you can only get internet service on a good day if you stand by the kitchen window, next to the parking lot or go stand in the middle-back of the parking lot. Some may ask I worry about getting on my phone at a Grange meeting or event? For those of us used to Googling answers to almost anything, I can’t tell you the number of times I have had to say I will look that up when I get home and it has postponed getting information to members. At Grange events, I often had to take pictures and then drive to post information, encouraging people to come to our events. If only I could have gone live on Facebook or Instagram.

As we all begin our new Grange year, I want to remind you that one endeavor of the Youth Committee is to recognize Granges that promote the growth of youth membership. I am encouraging, particularly those Granges who take advantage of this Community Service Grant, to brainstorm some ideas for how you can use it to provide events for youth, young adults and young families - Events like family movie nights, or social nights where someone accesses online music. Or how about this, empower your youth and young adults to assist older members in finding information or going live for you, to encourage others to come on down for your Grange Fair or to see live music.

The possibilities are endless and I am willing to work with you to help generate these ideas. I encourage anyone interested to reach out to me during State Session or attend our youth meeting on Saturday morning of the conference.



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