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Youth News
Youth News: Have You Promoted Youth Membership?

By Dawn Anstett, CT State Grange Youth Director

  September 1, 2019 --

As we get closer to State Session, I have to remind everyone to send info on who meets the requirements for our award on “Building Youth Membership” and any Community or Pomona Grange that hosted a youth event or put on a youth program. The Northeast Youth Conference has been my biggest undertaking this year, I still feel increasing youth membership is the most important.

In addition to sending in contest info, I am encouraging all Community Granges to send your Youth to our program on Saturday morning at State Session and attend our luncheon on Saturday. The program will present ideas of what has been done to encourage youth and young adult membership and still give me time to listen to you about what you want and need. Here are the parameters for this year’s contests:

Building Youth Membership:

The Connecticut Youth Committee would like to recognize Community Members that bring in 3 or more youth/year into the Grange and present to the Grange member who brings in the most with a paid 1 year Community Grange Membership.

Community & Pomona Youth Event/Program: The CT Youth Committee would like to recognize Granges who promote the Growth of Youth Membership through the following types of programs:

1. Guest program presentations of a community youth group or FFA chapter.

2. Stand-alone youth interest events.

3. Events and programs for young families.

Be open to ideas. What can your Grange do for youth and young adults? How can we get more between the ages of 14 and 35 to know what we can do for them?

Please write a paragraph and send me pictures about your program or event. For programs, list information about the program, the number of youth in attendance, and if it did encourage any to ask about membership or the Grange, even if they didn’t join, did they ask about us. if it was an event, including a bit about how you came up with the idea and the process to get it going. Did it lead to youth asking about the Grange or Grange membership? Your paragraphs are what I would like to read at the luncheon and if anyone involved in the programs is there, I would like to recognize you.

To contact me you can send an email to youth@ctstategrange.org  or send standard mail to Dawn Anstett, 235 Old North Road, Barkhamsted, CT 06063. I need to receive all information by September 30, 2019.



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