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Membership News
Membership News: We Want To Lose Weight But We Don't Want To Change, Delusional

By Faith Quinlan, CT State Grange Membership Director

  August 1, 2019 --

Do you want to grow your membership? My messages each month assume that you do.

Getting new members involves a lot of the same things people who want to lose weight struggle with. I want to lose weight and eat healthy, but I don’t want to give up pizza, ice cream, chips, or fries. We want the results without the work. If only someone else could do this for us, we could pay them to lose the weight for us. Huge sums of money are spent on programs by people who want to get healthy and lose weight. Unfortunately, those people who just pay for a program but don’t do anything end up with lighter bank accounts and heavier bellies. It is not that spending money to get help is bad. It’s investing the money but not the time that hurts the would be dieter. It is purely a waste of energy on the part of the trainer or nutritionist to give menus and exercises plans to have the person who says they want to lose weight not actually do anything to help themselves.

Personally I have done this exact thing many times in my life. Plus, I know very well the information these programs are teaching. I know exactly what I need to do, I am just choosing not to do them. As some of you may also know when you make an effort to be healthier you feel better and as you lose weight certain things become easier and more enjoyable.

Our patterns, habits and level of effectiveness are what got us here, our health and bodies and also our Granges. We have reached a point where the situation is desperate in many towns. Sadly, the truth is that for many Granges it means our buildings will need to be sold and our charters will need to be surrendered. My articles are usually full of ideas and positive messages but I want you to know I see the truth. I am passionate about changing the direction we are headed in with membership. Like the environmental changes in our world, we are not talking about “someday” we are talking about today, now. The situation is dire and should be the center of every event you organize. It is important to be honest with yourself and your Grange. We do not want to be delusional about what we want to happen with our membership. If you believe that you can choose not to have community events, not interact with new people or your community, choose not to share with people what your Grange is up to... then think people will want to join your Grange, you are delusional.

When you have meetings at inconvenient times for working people or families, or you do not try to make concessions to allow new ideas or approach new segments of your community, you are choosing not to grow. When there is no change, we must live with the consequences of that choice. Those consequences will include decline and decay, closure and lost Granges.

I believe that you love Grange. I really, really do. Acknowledge whether you actually want to grow your membership. if you do, ACT NOW or for those who are out there hustling (I know who you are.) Keep up the Great Work!



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