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From the State Secretary: Hallelujah ... The Move is Completed!

By Todd Gelineau, CT State Grange Secretary

  August 1, 2019 --

Brothers and Sisters, the long arduous journey that has been the State Grange Office’s move from Glastonbury to Winchester Center has been completed! My apologies to all for any delays in processing requests and paperwork in recent weeks. It’s really not fun working on a project only to find that pieces of it may be located in either my home office or the Glastonbury or Winchester offices.

For those that are curious, I have included pictures of the new office with this article. Even though it’s tucked away in the Northwest Hills, it’s still YOUR State Grange office, ready to serve you as it always has been.

With the move behind us, we’re ready to jump head first into State Session. How’s that for a segue?

On pages 2-4 of this issue I have included all of the necessary information for the 135th Annual Session of the State Grange, Oct. 17-19, 2019 in Norwich. The same information will be included in the Official Call to Session to be mailed to each Grange at the beginning of August.

The Call will also include the delegate cards to be completed by your Grange’s Secretary once your Grange has selected its delegates. All Pomona and Subordinate (Community) Granges are entitled to select two (2) delegates to State Session (as long as your Grange is entitled to be seated at Session). Granges in arrears for dues for the second quarter of the year are automatically suspended from eligibility to be seated at Session until all dues are current. Please be certain this is done when you submit your registrations for session. Junior Granges are entitled to one (1) delegate and the same rules regarding alternates apply to Junior Granges as well.

Please DO NOT submit alternate delegates on your credential cards. They cannot be accepted as credentialed delegates should one or both of your chosen delegates be unable to attend. It is your right, as a Grange to select alternate delegates in the event that one or both of your delegates are unable to serve. This, however, cannot be done in advance.

Also, please DO not mail both credential cards back to the State Grange. One card (as indicated on the card) is intended to be completed and returned to the State Grange and the other (as indicated) is intended to be completed and given to your delegates to present at Registration when they arrive at State Session.

PLEASE send in your registrations as soon as possible and be sure to make your reservations with the Holiday Inn as soon as you can to be certain rooms are available. This hotel can fill up fast due to its proximity to Mohegan Sun and Foxwoods.

It has been mentioned elsewhere in this issue, but it is worth repeating... there is only ONE resolution in the “hopper” to be considered at State Session. Yes, there is still time to get resolutions in, but the clock is ticking. As has been the case in the last several years, I will accept resolutions up until the time the Session Book goes to press at the beginning of October. However, I don’t guarantee when specifically it will go to print, so Granges hoping to get them printed in the book need to be in touch with me. Resolutions that arrive late, will have to be submitted with 125 copies (as required by vote of the delegate body).

It is also important that ALL resolutions be adopted by a Subordinate/Community Grange and/or a Pomona Grange before being submitted to the State Grange for consideration. Resolutions submitted by individuals without consideration of a prior Grange will not be accepted.

Because there has been so much going on with the State Grange in recent months, I was unable to get out order sheets for Dues Receipts. This will be your fair warning, unless I hear from you within the first couple weeks of August, your Grange will receive the same order you received last year. If your Grange needs to increase/decrease your order, please let me know as soon as possible.

Until next time... enjoy the closing days of summer!



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