Thursday, July 29, 2021
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Around The Grange
June 2019 Musings from Winchester Grange No. 74

By Todd Gelineau

  June 8, 2019 --

June 11: Strawberries, Ref. Fran & Charlie Cooper

June 16: Strawberry Festival, 2:00-5:00, P.M. (FATHER’S DAY)

June 25: Election of Officers, Ref. TBD.

It’s almost here! The 2019 Winchester Grange Strawberry Festival will be held on Sunday, June 16 beginning at 2 P.M. at the Grange Hall in Winchester Center. If you’ve never been, why not try us out this year? We serve the area’s largest servings of fresh strawberries, freshly whipped cream on a home-baked biscuit. It’s an early summer tradition in Winchester Center and one of the largest fundraisers for Winchester Grange. So as our slogan says.... “Take Dad Out for Dessert” on Father’s Day!


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