Sunday, September 15, 2019
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May 2019 News from Bethlehem Grange No. 121

By Al Maddox

  May 13, 2019 --

On Monday April 22, Bethlehem Grange #121 held its annual open house and Community Citizen Award presentation at Memorial Hall in Bethlehem. This year the honoree of the prestigious award went to town resident Dave Wood who is in charge of the Bethlehem Food Pantry. The program of entertainment for the evening was provided by the Chime In With a Mission bell choir, also directed by Mr. Wood. State Grange President, George Russell, of Canaan, was in attendance and presented 50 year Golden Sheaf membership certificated to Albert “Skip” Maddox, Bethlehem Grange President, and member Fred Camp. Receiving 25 year Silver Star membership certificates were Eloise Osuch, and husband Malcolm McDonald (latter in absentia).



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