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Public Relations News
Public Relations News: The Power of Public Relations

By Terri Fassio, CT State Public Relations Co-Director

  May 6, 2019 --

Bill Gates once said that he’d spend his last dollar on Public Relations. Did you know that “Research conducted in 2018 revealed that the average person in the US spends 11 hours every day interacting with media”? (source: entrepreneur.com) This encompasses all types of media - from printed newspapers to radio and television - to social media including Facebook, Instagram, SnapChat and more. The modern consumer also spends more time on social media than with a newspaper. What is your Grange doing to explore utilizing these valuable assets? Public relations is what brands resort to in a time of crisis, when they want to increase their presence, and promote their existence as a positive.

Entrepreneur.com sums it up best: “What distinguishes public relations from advertising is that it EARNS its space in the media. ... PR professionals are masterful storytellers and can create strong emotional ties to something as simple as a bar of soap. While it can normally function independently, it is best when complimented with marketing. Just like ketchup is a decent condiment in its own right but reaches a whole new dimension of flavor when paired with mustard.”

So how do you use public relations for your Grange? The first step is to find something or someone in your Grange who promotes a positive image for the organization and build pubic trust. The next step is to capitalize on it by building an emotional connection between “that something or someone” and the public.

Perhaps your Grange has a special and active golden sheaf member who just received their 60-year seal. I’m sure that person could tell some great heartwarming stories from their many years and experiences in the Grange. Imagine that person spotlighted in the local newspaper or interviewed on television, discussing your Grange. That’s one example of positive public relations working for your Grange.

A second example could be something specific and unique to your Grange, such as holding the same successful event annually for 50 or 75 years. Find out the background - why this event was started, and how it has evolved over the years. How has/does it affect the community? Ask members their favorite memories of attending and working at the event. All combined, this could be a great article for the local newspaper.

Make it the mission of your Grange to connect to your local community using the power of public relations, through creating stories and conversations that evoke strong emotional connections. Contact the Public Relations committee to guide you through the process.


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