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Hillstown Grange Hot Dog and Gardening Event May 2

By Frank Forrest

  APRIL 11, 2019 --

Hillstown Grange is holding a $1 Hot Dog dinner and Let's Get Gardening event on Thursday, May 2nd.  Doors open at 6:00 p.m for $1.00 Hot Dogs and $4.00 for 3 sides, dessert and drink. Free hot dogs for anyone bringing a side dish or dessert. This is a Kid Friendly event so 2 bucks buys a kids meal and all siblings eat for a buck.

Our master gardener Dan will be doing a special night of know your garden dirt featuring worms.  What kind of worms are there, how do they multiply, can I raise them in my kitchen, what food waste is good or bad for worms, etc.  We will have worm demonstrations.  How do worms tell us the condition of our garden soil? We are hoping for a fun night to start our gardening season when we can finally get down and dirty. Our gardening series continues until June and will start up in the fall. 

Our Agricultural Fair growing challenges are vegetable - largest tomato by weight and flower - largest cushion marigold by diameter of bloom. Our Fair is September 14th.

Hillstown Grange is located at 617 Hills Street, East Hartford, CT.  Located in the Hillstown corner of East Hartford, Glastonbury, and Manchester since 1888.  The Grange is the oldest Agricultural group in the United States. 

For more information call Frank at 860-690-2845 or email: hillstowngrange@aol.com.

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