Sunday, February 23, 2020
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Cannon Grange News for March 2019

By Don Offinger

  MARCH 3, 2019 --

Plans for our Agricultural Fair on August 25th are coming along.  The committee has been meeting since January once a month with great ideas turning into action items.   As part of our Culinary Arts Department contests, we’re renaming our Cannon Grange Perpetual Trophy after our long time friend, Dave Barrett, who passed away last September.  Over the years, Dave and his wife Joyce have each won this prize.  Dave loved the Fair, and he loved Cannon Grange.  With Joyce’s permission we’re thrilled to honor Dave in this meaningful way.

Tai Chi classes continue at our Hall.  They are a relaxing time for improving balance, and the classes are instructed by a master.  Drop ins welcome at the morning class or evening class on Wednesdays.  See our website for times.

Our annual Silent Movie Night is on the calendar for March 23rd.  John Mucci will be showing a collection of several Laurel & Hardy short movies; and he is planning a terrific piano accompaniment for each one!  Doors open at 7 PM, and the first movie rolls at 7:30 PM.  All sorts of refreshments will be available.  This is a perfect event for young children on up through adults!  Movies, of course, are Black & White.  Tickets can be purchased at the door.

Mar 7:  Business Meeting

Mar 21:  Business Meeting

Mar 23:  Silent Movie Night with live piano - tickets at the door

April 4 - Business Meeting


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