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Oxford Grange News for February 2019

By Rob Buck

  FEBRUARY 1, 2019 --

The Christmas potluck had to be postponed to the first January meeting on the fourth due to water in the basement from heavy rains in mid December.  With some landscaping, we hope to rectify this situation which has plagued us for years. It has been worse since the area around the hall was paved.  Repairs to the downspouts and digging of ditches has begun to help except in cases of extreme downpours.  As of the begin of 2019, the railings on the handicapped ramp had begun to be built, so the end of that project is in sight!  Instead of a lecture/discussion series on sustainable growing this winter and spring, we plan one on climate change.  Stay posted to Facebook and the Granger for dates.  Also save the date of April 13th for our Annual Chili Cook-Off to be held at 6:00 PM.   Tickets will be available for advance purchase soon. 

Feb. 1:  Meteorology,  7:30 PM

Feb. 15:  Make up date, in case of snow

Feb. 22:  GOMAD, 7:00 PM

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