Saturday, August 24, 2019
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Oxford Grange News for December 2018

By Rob Buck

  DECEMBER 5, 2018 --

By now, the third Craft Fair held in early November is long past.  Work continues on the handicapped ramp with the money received from the Oxford Community Support grant and hopefully that project will be completed either this year or by spring.  This year, the Three Graces Gardens gardens continued to grow and prosper with continued work, but now are going dormant for another winter.  Thanks to members Raye Hodgson and husband Randolph Brown for spearheading that project. This coming year, 2019, will be the 90th anniversary year of Oxford Grange.

Dec. 7:  Grange Ritual Appreciation, 7:30 PM

Dec. 21:  Christmas Potluck and party, 7:00 PM

Dec. 28:  GOMAD Potluck and Music Night, 7:00 PM

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