Wednesday, February 19, 2020
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Enfield Grange News for December 2018

By Irene Percoski

  DECEMBER 7, 2018 --

We had so much fun with our Crazy sock exchange last year that we will do it again. 

The 2017 -2018 year has gone by faster than I realized. We seemed to be busy all the time. It has paid off with rewards like Lecturer’s Appreciation Award, even though we have no Lecturer, A third place Award for Community Service, and ribbons and prizes from CWA, and photo contests even though we are few in number. Thanks for all the hard working Grangers who earned the awards for us. 

We are starting New Year’s projects by having crafts sessions after our meetings and hope to fill our tables with new items for next summer’s Farmer’s Markets, and items for our charitable donations.

Reminder: If Winter weather cancels a meeting – we meet the following Saturday.  

Congratulations to our newly elected State Master George Russell and all the Officers of the State Grange.

Dec. 8:  Christmas Carols – Crazy Sock Exchange. 

Jan.  12:  Resolutions 

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