Friday, September 25, 2020
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December 2018 News from Taghhannuck Grange

By Barbara Prindle

  DECEMBER 11, 2018 --

This past October and November we gave out dictionaries to all 3rd graders in the towns of Sharon, Kent, Cornwall and Warren.  We have been taking part in the Dictionary Project for 15 years.  Taghhannuck Grange has members from all 4 towns.

Our December 13th meeting is at 7:30pm. It is our Cookie Exchange which is a misnomer.  If anyone would like to visit just bring 4 dozen of 1 kind of cookie to take part in the exchange.  We make up Christmas plates of cookies for Ella’s Pantry in Sharon to give to people in need.   We also make up plates for our members who can not get out so they know we are thinking of them.  I do think the members enjoy the visits as much as they do the cookies.  After all these plates are made the members make up plates for themselves to take home.   We also have a gift exchange.  It is a fun night.

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