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Membership News
Membership Moment: Respect for Other Members

By Faith Quinlan, CT State Grange Membership Director

  DECEMBER 5, 2018 --

Recently I experienced something with another Grange member that makes me want to share this message with all of you.  

Sometimes in an organization there are stronger and more outspoken members.  Those members can be very useful in certain scenarios that present themselves within a meeting or event.  If you know yourself to be one of these people, I ask that you use that confidence and ability to speak in front of groups to support the quieter members.  Some of the most soft spoken members have great ideas or ask questions that are important to the order. 

Our society favors extroverts but quiet people have things to say too.  

There are studies that have shown that “psychological safety” can make or break a team.  People want to feel safe to express their opinions without the fear of being judged by others.  This notion applies to any team  and these teams must provide a safe space for everyone to speak up.  This concept is defined as,”When team members are motivated at work and want to share an idea for improving performance, they frequently do not speak up because they fear that they will be harshly judged.  When psychological safety is present, team members think less about the potential negative consequences of expressing a new or different idea than they would otherwise.  As a result, they speak up more when they feel psychologically safe and are motivated to improve their team or company.”  In my opinion this includes making sure you respect when an idea is someone elses and you credit them if you choose to mention any great ideas you have heard as you present them for the good of the order.

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