Saturday, August 24, 2019
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Hank the Burro - Fun in Vermont

By Hank the Burro, CT State Grange Mascot

  DECEMBER 5, 2018 --

Hello Grange friends!  

It was great to see all of my Grange friends and Herd members at National Grange Session in Vermont!  I even made the front page of the Patron’s Chain - the daily newsletter of the National Session, and there was a spotlight article on me too!  My new caretakers - George and Sharon Russell, tell me we’ll be going on some fun Grange adventures, and I can’t wait.  

Please take a minute to follow the link to my Facebook page, and click the “Like” button while you are too, then you can follow us on our Grange adventures through the holidays and into the new year.  http://www.Facebook.com/CTGrangeHanktheBurro 

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