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Membership News
Membership News: Mentorship Equals Membership

By Faith Quinlan, CT State Grange Membership Director

  November 7, 2018 --

This year I was fortunate to attend State Session with my family. So many friends there and as usual I learned so much about our organization. I was able to report on the membership committee and was appointed the Director of Membership by our new Master George Russell. I would like to share parts of my report here.

“We can all admit that generations after our own seem to get a bad rap. My parents were sure kids my age would never get real jobs, own homes or be able to function as adults. Some of my generation still haven’t and never will but most of us found our way, albeit unconventionally in our parents eyes.

New members can mean a new face has to evolve from where we are now. This new face of the Grange must be allowed its unconventionality. Respect of our history and who we already are as a membership within the Grange will be expected. We are out of time and changing to put a fresh face forward to attract a younger membership is critical to our success.

Recently, I was reminded that I once very passionately stated, “If we don’t make a change and attract new members, we will need to get used to seeing our community granges turned into Kwiky Marts and Nail Salons.” It hurts me to say those words because even as a new member myself I know the amazing things the Grange has done to help families, farmers, communities and states. I love passing a Grange building because it tells me so much good stuff about an area. But I suppose that If the buildings go but the membership grows then it will be sad but this powerful organization will - and - must live on.. for me, my children and their children.

The question is, “How do we make ourselves relevant in these times?” You and I know what makes the Grange great – so what about this organization do we need to see carried on so other Americans can enjoy and be blessed? I know you may be asking questions like this and I look forward to tracking those answers so I can share them with future members.

A big part of the change the membership committee will need to consider going forward is the way the message gets to new members. It needs to speak to them about how the Grange is relevant in 2018, the perks and the Why that will speak to their heart and the message has to reach them where they spend their time... yes, online. I have no doubt that adding more young people to our group will mean:

• More opportunities to help our communities.

• More people responsible for the work and the leadership.

• More people to make crafts, cook or help with the heavy lifting.

• More ideas to make our lives full and lead by community.

I’m proud of all the hard working (very hard working) brothers and sisters I see making things happen week for our Granges and communities. The Membership Committee goal is to bring you all help with energized, passionate new members, team mates and friends who will help lift the load and keep the Grange strong for many generations to come.”

National Grange Communication Director, Amanda Brozana-Rios also spoke about membership and recruiting. She made a great suggestion about becoming mentors to our new recruits. They like to continue learning and we have the experience and knowledge to be fantastic mentors for them. I will be putting together some programs and ideas that can help you take a new approach to membership growth. Please keep in touch by phone or email.



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