Friday, November 15, 2019
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October 2018 News from Enfield Grange No. 151

By Irene Percoski

  October 11, 2018 --

Oct.13: Pumpkin Time

Nov.10: Historic Places.- Pot Luck Luncheon.

Even though our milk bottle sort of “exploded” in the middle of our display at the Four Town Fair, we still earned a blue ribbon. It seems that the bottle which was tightly sealed couldn’t handle the heat of the building and popped open and made a mess. Our theme this year was “A Grange Table” and thanks to all who contributed to the display and helped set it up. Within a few weeks the Enfield Farmer’s Market will be in the history books for this season . It was a very bad year for rain on Wednesdays.

We planned a pumpkin contest for our October meeting but the only think that grew on my vines were blossoms, no pumpkins. After checking with other members I found out they did not have any luck either. Must have been old seeds. The door is always open

– come visit.



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