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Remembering Ellsworth M. Beecher

By Todd Gelineau, CT State Grange Secretary and Member of Winchester Grange #74

  JANUARY 5, 2018 --

The Connecticut State Grange mourns the passing of Brother Ellsworth M. "Bud" Beecher on November 27 at the age of 95.  Brother Bud was Master of the Connecticut State Grange from 1986-1990.  He was a Golden Sheaf member of Winchester Grange #74 in Winchester Center and Mountain County Pomona Grange #4.  He served in many capacities throughout his Grange career including Past Voting Delegate to the National Grange, Advisor to the Board of Camp Maud Isbell Berger in Winchester Center and an integral part of the Connecticut Agricultural Fair for much of its existence.

For most who knew Bud and his wife Marion (married for 64 years), Grange was their lives.  Marion served in many capacities as well including Secretary of the Connecticut State Grange for decades.  Even after his “retirement” from the State Executive Committee and as Treasurer of Winchester Grange, Bud always wanted to know what was “going on” in the Grange.

There was no such thing as a short visit to Bud and Marion’s house.  Each visit involved a sit down at the kitchen table to talk over things, especially Grange happenings.

Many of us have our favorite stories about Bud (and Marion).  In his later years, he had to carry a footed cane with him.  You would often know Bud was around because that cane would be standing somewhere in the Grange Hall (without Bud).  On one occasion (maybe more) Bud left that cane behind his car and accidentally ran it over.  Bud loved to tease and in this case he took it back to the medical supply store complaining that it was “defective”!

Bud couldn’t carry a tune in a bucket but like Ricky and Lucy Ricardo, Marion would occasionally allow Bud to be in the show performing the “Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia” at Mountain County Chorister and State Grange Chorister Concerts.

Many members of Winchester Grange and Mountain County Pomona have memories of Bud prompting during degree work.  A loud “PSSST” during any part of the degree was a sure sign that Bud was trying to get your attention.

As Treasurer of Winchester Grange, it wasn’t uncommon for Bud (and Marion) to quietly pay a bill out of their own money when the treasury was low.  We have heard this was also true at Church as well. 

These few remembrances really can’t do justice to Bud Beecher.

Bud and Marion and their closest friends, Betty Jane and Bill Gardiner are all together again and as it has been said, they are most likely sitting around a card table somewhere “catching up.”

“Well done good and faithful servant!”


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