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Membership News
Membership: How will we outlast the decline of service clubs?

By Faith Quinlan, State Membership Committee

  FEBRUARY 6, 2018 --

Last month we printed an article by Michael Brand discussing the decline of service clubs.  He offers some interesting ideas to help organizations find their “tribe” and how to attract the next generation.  We received a lot of positive feedback on this article.  At the newly established Mountain Laurel Pomona meeting it was suggested by a member that each Grange read and discuss some of the suggestions to grow our organization.

The article explains how the communities we live in have changed.  “Our” people still exist and still very much want to be part of what the Grange has to offer.  In a world where we carry communication tools in our pockets and the world feels like it grows smaller every day, we still need the right avenues to attract the “Do-ers.” 

I would absolutely love feedback.  The committee would like to put together some presentations and speakers who can inspire us to find the best method to grow our organization as individuals and as a Grange

Which points make sense for you and your Grange?  Do you find that certain ideas mentioned are new and may work for you?  Do you have an idea you think we should consider?  Please email me and I can collect the data for the next issue.  I would love membership growth suggestions and stories of things that have worked for you in the past 2 years plus and any speaker suggestions you may have.  Write to Faith Quinlan, Membership Committee at  Membership_Faith@CTStateGrange.org


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