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Membership News
Membership: Appealing to Millennials

By Faith Quinlan, State Membership Committee

  MARCH 17, 2018 --

Millennials (folks born between 1980 and 2000) are the largest generation in human history.  Why don’t they make up the majority of members in our organization?  What kind of membership benefits do this generation want?

Interest in membership of community organizations among millennials is on the rise. Notably, more so than their predecessors, Generation X and the Baby Boomers.  Actually, interest in memberships among baby boomers is on the decline.

In terms of potentially engaging millennials as members, this is great news! But what it is that millennials want from a membership?

Millennials are an idealistic, altruistic generation that is passionate about social causes that benefit the greater good.  As a whole, millennials tend to be generous with their time, money and influence. They freely use their social media platforms to raise awareness and money for causes important to them.

Climate, environment, civil justice, poverty and education are some of the top issues of concern.  Millennials care about belonging, supporting and impact.  They regard their resources, such as time, networks and money, as having equal values, resulting in individuals often going beyond monetary donations as a way to become personally invested in a cause.

They prefer technology to find volunteer opportunities online.  They are most likely to get involved with organizations that offer a range of volunteer opportunities, from short- to long-term projects, especially those that allow them to lend their knowledge and expertise.

This information should help the Grange go about marketing membership in an attractive way to these potential members. With membership growth our communities will be better supported and our traditions can be continued.  We can also grow in new ways or return some older programs so we dont miss opportunities to highlight our mission impact.  We want to create long-term relationships with these young members.

In today’s world, an organization’s mission matters – and carrying out that mission is critical for an organization's solvency.

Can you think of programs we have done, are doing or could offer to entice some volunteering from this age group?  It will give your Grange a chance to recruit and make some new connections in your area.  Remember I am available for questions, comments and suggestions at membership_faith@ctstategrange.org.


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