Tuesday, January 19, 2021
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Around The Grange
August 2018 News from Lyme Grange No. 147

By Lois Evankow

  August 19, 2018 --

Aug. 2: Picnic, 6:30 P.M. What will the weatherman send us for our fair?

Sept. 6: Have all your reports been sent to State Grange?

Nov. 1: Will any of us venture up to National Grange in Vermont to see the Seventh Degree?

In April, Old Man Winter came and kidnapped spring. Now it’s June and I think it is fighting with spring as it has been 60˚ all week.

We had a wonderful meeting. A decision was made to donate leftover tag sale items to a nonprofit agency who would like them.

Coming up is our Hamburg Fair in August. It takes many months of planning and many volunteers to achieve a successful fair. A visitor, third selectman, John Kiker, came and said he enjoyed our meeting.

Once again, a good time was had by all.

Our charter was draped in loving memory of Charlotte Beers.

With 90 degree heat we had a very quick July meeting. It was special. Two members from “quiltsof valor” came. Lois Evankow made a quilt and had a special label made. The quilt was presented to Norman Stitham. A very moving ceremony was made to a very deserving veteran.

Two of our members completed the safe food class as they will be our “cooks” at the Fair. Mary Powell-St. Louis and Nancy Beebe. Congrats!

Due to the heat it was a very short and to the point meeting.


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