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Public Relations News
Public Relations News: A Great Time to Work On Contests

By Terri Fassio, CT State Grange Public Relations Co-Director

  August 10, 2018 --

The Public Relations committee is once again offering three contests for 2018, all with a deadline of October 1. It’s easy to participate. Let’s take a quick peek at each one.

1) Promote Your Grange Creative Video Contest: Create a video promoting your Grange. The video can be any length, and of any theme. New this year — the video must be created by the Grange (or a member of the Grange) and not be produced by a non- Grange entity.

2) Best Cooperative Partnership Contest: An integral part of Grange public relations is partnering with other local groups and organizations. This could be a co-hosted event, a co-sponsorship of a project or initiative, a project to benefit or honor a group/organization, and so much more! Write a description of how your Grange has integrated/ utilized a Cooperative Partnership, and include a photo to accompany the description if appropriate.

3) Social Media Participation Contest: Create a Buzz about your Grange, its projects, activities and events by managing a proper Facebook or Twitter Page. This contest is open to all Community Granges, Pomona Granges and Junior Granges. Pages must be active at any point within the period of November 1, 2017 – October 1, 2018.

All of the complete details, rules, and information for the contests can be found on the Connecticut State Grange website at www.CTStateGrange.org, and are also available in the Blue Book. Entries should be mailed to Robert Charbonneau, 102 Spring Street, Meriden CT 06451, or sent via e-mail to publicrelations@ctstategrange.org .



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