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Legislatively Speaking
Legislatively Speaking: Resolutions and Mid-Term Elections Are Upon Us

By Alma Graham, CT State Grange Legislative Committee Director

  August 10, 2018 --

Have you done your resolutions yet for the upcoming session? Proper resolutions must be submitted to your local community Grange then onto your Pomona Granges for action. The deadline for resolutions for State Grange is September 15th. If it is received later than that we cannot guarantee that it will be printed in the State Grange program but it still could be presented at the session.

I am aware that Pomona Granges are only meeting four times a year and that the last meeting before the State Grange session will be in September. Many of our Granges are also only meeting the beginning of the month which can make for a tight timing schedule to get your resolutions through. If you missed your Pomona Grange meeting and find a subject that you wish to bring to the Granges attention as a resolution, submit it to your local Grange anyway. Once it is acted on by your local Grange send the resolution on to the State Grange. Do remember all resolutions must be submitted and voted on by a local Grange, they cannot be submitted by an individual to the State Grange.

This years “mid-term” election cycle is in full swing. The primaries have been completed and the parties’ slates have been chosen. The Nation will be watching Connecticut closely as we have two big seats up for changes. Governor Malloy has decided to not seek re-election so there will be a hotly contested fight by both major parties for that seat. Representative Elizabeth Esty of the 5th Congressional district has also chosen to not seek re-election which leaves a Congressional House seat open. At this time all five of our Congressional districts are held by Democrats. The Republicans will be vigorously fighting for that seat. There will be more to come once the tickets are finalized by the parties. I am sure we will also see some third parties and write-ins appear for these positions.



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