Monday, February 18, 2019
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July 2018 News from Oxford Grange No. 194

By Rob Buck

  June 6, 2018 --

July 6: The Science of Gardening

July 20: The Science of Gardening

July 27: G.O.M.A.D.-Music and Dance Party, 7:00 PM

After the Permaculture Salon series ended in April, we continued meeting Thursday nights for several weeks at the hall to have garden work sessions. Mulching the garden beds and setting contributed plants in the ground has progressed so the area is shaping up nicely. Thanks to Glenn Belinsky, and Raye Hodgson and Randolph Brown for their contributions! Although not damaged by the tornado passing through the area on May 15, the hall lost power for several days and the May 18th meeting was canceled to allow people time to clean up at home. G.O.M.A.D. was held on the 25th of May, and regular meeting schedule resumed in June.

New member Erik Von Koniger, recently relocated from New York City to an old farm in Northfield, CT, experienced heart problems and was hospitalized in Danbury Hospital in May. He had recovered partly by late in the month with the insertion of a stent and was facing cardiac rehab for which we wish him well. He has been instrumental in promoting G.O.M.A.D., and has long term ambitions to improve our kitchen facilities to be able to hold food preparation classes.

By fall, we will probably be planning another fund raiser to help with the many upgrades the hall needs, as well as the recurring bills we face.



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