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July 2018 News from Winchester Grange No. 74

By Todd Gelineau

  July 7, 2018 --

July 10: Fireworks are Over, Ref. Fran & Charlie Cooper

July 24: Fair Set-Up, Ref. All Members

Aug. 11: Winchester Grange Fair & Flea Market, 9am-2pm

Aug. 14: Awards Night, Ref. Community Picnic

Aug. 28: Dog Days (Country Store), Ref. Marie Steiner & Sue Kline

It’s July and we are happy to say goodbye to our old parking lot in front of the hall! It has served us well but it has to go! Through the generous donation made by the Volunteer Fire Department and by the loan secured through the State Grange we are finally able to have it repaved. It will be nice to have a pothole and crack free parking area at our hall. It will dramatically improve the appearance of our property and the neighborhood. The project should be completed by the end of July, just in time for…

The Winchester Grange Fair & Flea Market is scheduled for Aug. 11 at our hall and on the green in Winchester Center. The Fair features a giant book sale, exhibits of vegetables, fruit, flowers and baking along with a drawing for gifts, food from our kitchen and grill and our flea market on the green. If you would like more information about exhibiting or renting space on the green for the flea market, please visit our website or call our lecturer Ramona at 860-482-2733 ~ www.winchestergrange.org .

Our Strawberry Festival on Father’s Day was extremely well attended with a very good profit realized. We thank all of the members and friends of Winchester Grange for donating their time to hull berries on Friday evening, to bake biscuits on Saturday, and to do all of the various things that needed to be done on Sunday morning, and of course, the actual Festival on Sunday afternoon. It takes many hands to accomplish this event and we are not always sure how many there will be, but it always turns out well in the end. THANK YOU!


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