Friday, March 22, 2019
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July 2018 News from Ekonk Community Grange No. 89

By Sue Gray

  July 25, 2018 --

First let me say that I am very sorry to have not written a column last month, but remember what our beloved ritual says, “... so far as I may be able and the interests of my family will permit”. Russell was in the hospital when the last column was due and he took precedence over my Grange obligations.

Our Awards celebration was perhaps the best ever, with 500 years of Grange membership honored! Our State Senator, Heather Somers, attended with citations from the General

Assembly for 80 year Granger and World War II Veteran, George Turner; also sisters Marion R. Emmons and Ruth P. Rosebrooks (75 years each) and last but certainly not least, our 2018 Community Citizens, father and son, Michael and Wyatt Jordan, who saved a 24 year old woman trapped in a burning pickup truck. Doris Desjardins was honored for 70 years of Grange membership and Barbara and Sam Mosier 25 years. Bruce Lindberg was honored for 60 years of membership and finally, the Hnath family (brothers Jonathan and James (25) and their father, Paul (40)). Russell and I were named Grangers of the Year (total suprise) and the Sterling Board of Selectmen named May 6th as Russell and Sue Gray in Sterling for Russell’s years of devotion to our town. Senator Somers also had a citation from the General Assembly for us.

Our Grange completed another year of providing the food for the Relay for Life ($725.00 donation from the profits) and our annual roast beef supper for the Veterans home in Jewett City, CT netted $930.00. Our Grange was invited to the dedication of a park at the site of the Veterans Home, since we have been in since the home was just a dream. We were represented and provided a salad for 80 attendees. As I write this column, Steve Denton has his equipment in our Grange driveway, digging out grassy areas and bringing in gravel to expand our parking area, which is long overdue. Jodi Ann Cameron is again Chairing our booth at the Brooklyn Fair (Aug. 23-26).

We held election of officers and Link Cooper will once again serve as our President. Lillian Sharpe was re-elected President of our Junior Grange. The Junior Grange is purchasing a new entry rug/mat for the Sterling Municipal Building-much needed! Both Grangers have been invited to enjoy a summer picnic with Richmond Grange (RI) on Friday, August 3rd. Our Fair will be Sat., August 11th.



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