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Youth News
Youth Department Notes

By Donald Lanoue, State Youth Director

  OCTOBER 2008 -- Hi everyone. Hope that all is going well with your plans for attending the State Session. I am in the proccess of getting supplies ready for the hospitality room and at this time would like to thank all that have offered to bring an item to the room.

As the start of a new Grange year is upon us let’s look forward to what you, the youth would like to do this year.  I have had some suggestions and am looking for more.  I am willing to listen to plans that anyone is willing to share.
Looking forward to the National Session I have finished all of my large plans and am looking forward to a smooth running session that I hope we will all enjoy. All are invited to come and see what National has to offer. Come and see what the youth are learning at their workshops or sign up for their tour and make a new friend. As memtioned before the theme for the costume party is the 1960’s so come in costume and dance the night away.

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