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Around The Grange
May 2018 News from Cannon Grange

By Don Offinger

  May 14, 2018 --

May 3: Special program on the American Chestnut - speaker series

May 17: All about winemaking with John Kriz

June 7: Business Meeting

June 21: Legislative Wrap-Up program by our local State Senator and Representatives

A fun field trip was made on April 5th to the newly opened Nod Hill Brewery in Ridgefield to learn about their product line, business model and ingredients sourcing. Members enjoyed samples in the tasting room, and learning about this new small business in our area.

Another great evening of Silent Movies was presented by John Mucci with four Laurel & Hardy movies on the bill of fare! An enthusiastic audience enjoyed one of the films which dated to the early 1920s; plus the piano score that John played made for a great night.

Looking ahead, we will be hosting an interesting speaker series program on the American Chestnut on May 3rd. This event will coincide with our 119th anniversary on May 4th. All are invited to this fascinating talk on scientific research that will hopefully someday re-introduce the American Chestnut to the landscape.

Billiesue Hollingsworth reports that she has tomato plants growing under lights, and Don Offinger reports that one greenhouse is filled with 1800 potted tomato plants that will be over 2-ft tall and for sale by Mother’s Day. Cabbage and Kale transplants in his second greenhouse will be ready to set out in long rows within the next few weeks.

Many thanks to Dearta Fusaro for facilitating our having WiFi service available in the Grange Hall for our use in programing, and for our renters who have been begging to have this.

Stay tuned for date confirmation for our annual Legislative Wrap-Up program in June hosted by Gail Lavielle, our Grange member and our state representative. Gail has arranged this forum for several years for the community.

Please note our program schedule. Visiting Patrons are always welcome -- won’t you join us?



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