Wednesday, October 16, 2019
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Around The Grange
May 2018 News from Lyme Grange

By Lois Evankow

  May 28, 2018 --

June 7: Have Your Strawberries Ripened Yet?; Memorial Service

July 5: Curiosity Killed the Cat

Aug. 2: Picnic, 7:30 P.M.

What will the weatherman send us for our fair?

Old Man Winter has come and kidnapped spring. Six inches of snow for the first week of April. What next? Will we go from winter to summer and skip spring?

WE DID IT! Even though our Master was in the hospital with her grandson, David (our Steward) everyone pitched in and we conferred the degrees. Sue Pianka came and tickled the ivories. Cindy Anderson came and helped in several offices where needed. And Dan Mutchler came and did Master for the degrees. It was just wonderful how every person stepped up and helped.

Our 8th Annual Plant and Food Sale will be on May 19. Donations of plants and food will be much appreciated. We had the most wonderful meeting. It must goes to show you what can be accomplished when we all work together.



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