Sunday, February 23, 2020
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Around The Grange
April 2018 News from Enfield Grange

By Irene Percoski

  April 29, 2018 --

May 12: Famous Mothers–CWA Program

June 16: Election of Officers.

Again our Meeting date in June will be moved to the third week so there will be no conflict with “Celebrate” on June 9 at Cheshire Grange. We were delighted to see our littlest Grange visitor, 3 year-old Sawyer, at our March meeting. She keeps us on our toes and is a delight to chat with. In May, we will have our baking contest of Cross Bones Cookies. With so many good cooks we’re hoping to have a real challenge. Even though the date says Spring is here, old man winter doesn’t seem to want to leave. That hasn’t stopped our members from working out the dates they are able to work for the coming Farmer’s Market starting on July 11, this year we will be on the Enfield Town Green in front of the Town Hall. Much nicer surroundings, and much better parking.



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