Monday, October 14, 2019
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March 2018 News From Lyme Grange

By Lois Evankow

  March 26, 2018 --

March 1: Lion or Lamb? CWA Contest for 2018

Apr. 5: 1st & 2nd Degrees. Will the Deputy come?

May 3: Time to get your garden ready.

That old man winter is sending us some very cold weather and on top of that some snow. So-o-o we postponed our meeting from the first Thursday to the second Thursday and am hoping the weather pattern will change.

New CWA pamphlets will be passed out and since one of our new members is a prolific knitter- hopefully she will enter something. The Scouts used our building and yard to sell Christmas trees and wreaths. They usually do very well.

Our very accomplished computer expert has been at it again. Norman Stitham has compiled a wonderful calendar for us. Each page, not only has colored photos of local places but pictures of recent events. Pictures of people receiving certificates for years of membership, along with photos of our six new members. Events at our Grange hall are noted on the appropriate day to remind us (in case we forget). It is easy to forget sometimes.

Hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas and will enjoy a very happy, healthy new 2018.



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