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January 2018 News from Cannon Grange No. 152

By Don Offinger

  January 18, 2018 --

Jan 4: Business Meeting

Jan 18: Business Meeting

Feb 1: Business Meeting

Feb 15: Business Meeting

We welcome four new members to Cannon

G r a n g e : Lena Ivanaj (Dearta Fusaro’s mom), Beverly, Henry and Willi Schaer (Ray’s wife and sons).

During the fall months we hosted a local Brownie troop to use our hall as their meeting and activity space, and look forward to their association with us so that more people can see what a wonderful facility we have. Bil Mikulewicz is carrying on with Tai Chi classes at the Grange, offering instruction to interested persons on a drop-in basis at a nominal $5 fee per session. If you’d like to try a class, come by on Wednesdays for a morning session or an early evening session. They classes are not only fun, but they are relaxing. Come give it a try!

Later this Spring ,we look forward to hosting our annual Silent Movie night with live piano accompaniment. Look for a firm date to be posted on our website soon. Also, a pastry-making class is being planned by Pam Lillis to be held at our kitchen. Our program theme this year is Eating Healthy in order to Live Healthy. Join us to find out how it’s done!

Back in November we hosted a well-received Barn Dance, and welcomed quite a crowd of new faces to our Grange Hall. Special thanks to Michele Clark for making the arrangements with the caller, helping with ticket sales. Also, special thanks to Karen Tartell who brought 12 friends to the dance where everyone had a great time!

Soon we will be discussing plans for the 2018 Agricultural Fair, which is on the calendar for August 26th.      



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