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Youth News
Notes from the Youth Department

By Donald Lanoue, State Youth Director

  SEPTEMBER 2008 -- Hi everyone. I hope that you have enjoyed your summer. Maybe you have thought about working on your Youth Achievement Report or on your Youth Night notebook this summer. Possibly even putting time into putting them together. The deadline is  October 1. 

Just to tell a little about what has happened this summer…at the Northeast Youth Conference there were two youth that either attended the whole conference or part and it seemed to me that they enjoyed it.

During the weekend I met with the National Youth Director and we discussed some of the events that will happen during Youth Days at National Session.  On Thursday  night there will be a costume party with the theme of the “1960’s”. There willbe a youth room with games for the youth to stay up late and socialize with other youth.  There  is a tour of the New England Air Museum and the American School for the Deaf planned.

With all of these fun activities planned for the youth, I  hope that you will make plans to attend part or all of the youth activities this year.   

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