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Legislatively Speaking
Legislatively Speaking: Thanks For Submitted Resolutions

By Alma Graham, State Legislative Committee Director

  December 5, 2017 --

Thanks to all who did submit resolutions for this past State Grange session. There was a noticeable decrease in the number of resolutions submitted. Those that were submitted were well thought out and covered many important issues affecting our state.

Three resolutions carried on and were submitted to National Grange. Resolution number 17 concerning the potential elimination of property taxes on motor vehicles was addressed immediately. We sent letters to our local House and Senate members just days before the budget vote. I am happy to report that the adopted budget did not include the elimination of motor vehicle property taxes. The Legislative Committee will review the rest of the resolutions to determine what action is needed as well as which ones to include in the next Legislative Guide.

The next session of the General Assembly will convene on February 7, 2018. Gordon Gibson will again be our voice at the Capitol watching and communicating on various bills as they arise. We will be posting any testimonies, which are submitted to the General Assembly by the Connecticut State Grange, on our web site.

The recent November elections primarily concerned local offices and referendums. I am aware of a couple of Grange members who were elected as First Selectmen in their local towns. Congratulations to them and any others who were elected to local boards and commissions. Unfortunately many people look at these local elections as not important. I had that discussion recently with someone who had closely followed the Presidential election last year. When I mentioned voting this year, she stated that she did not bother with local elections. To all who think this, just remember that when your local budgets are created and your tax bills arrive. It is your locally elected officials who are setting your tax rates. They are responsible for your school budgets, roads, local services and programs. I encourage your Granges to meet and talk to your local officials. Maybe ask them to come to your Grange and educate you about their office or position and the needs of your town.



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