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October News from Harmony Grange No. 92

By George Ward

  October 10, 2017 --

Oct. 13: Regular Meeting

Harmony Grange is still negotiating with the State of Connecticut for the land being taken for the cul-desac south of the Grange Hall on Hurd Avenue and for the roundabout at the intersection of Routes 110 & 111. Our parking lot adjacent to Hurd Avenue and the contractor has made provisions so we can use our facilities during the construction.

Our Agricultural Fair held in August was a small success. We had some people come by to see the exhibits and buy items on sale. Because of the construction effects on attendance, we did not have food for sale or a bake sale. At our August meeting, we draped our Charter for our 50 year member, Henry Barrachina. Henry was a former member of Trumbull Grange and became a member of Harmony when the two Granges consolidated. Henry was loyal member and did considerable work on the facilities. He was a 50 year Masonic member of Washington Lodge #19 in Monroe.

We held our election for 2017-2019 at our August meeting and we were assisted by Karen Macdonald and Geno Piacentini and Bob & Marge Sendewicz. All stations were filled. Ronald Bunovsky is the new Master/President and Betty Blackwell is the new Overseer/Vice President. Betty is a new member of Harmony Grange. Before our election, Bob Sendewicz did the Welcoming Ceremony on two new candidates, Karen Ceneviva and Abigail (Abby) Kende. Our installation will be at our September meeting by Bob & Marge Sendewicz.

As a reminder for those wanting to visit Harmony Grange, our parking lot, as stated above, is adjacent to Hurd Avenue and you must take surrounding streets to get to Hurd Avenue. Direct entrance to and from Route 110 is permanently closed. From Route 111, use Jeannette Street. From 110, use Moose Hill Rd. and Ruth St.

On October 4, Sister and Brother Ward will celebrate 65 years of marriage.


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