Monday, December 17, 2018
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Around The Grange
September News from Ekonk Community Grange

By Sue Gray

  September 7, 2017 --

Installation August 7th found Link Cooper once again at the helm. Barbara Bonin, new Program Director, has

amazing ideas among them organizing a Youth Drill Team for 2018 Northeast competition! At this writing, she has six positive and she is confident she can fill out a team! Jodi Ann Cameron was at Grange, sporting just a boot-crutches gone. Paulette Craig presented a group card to our Youth Chairman, Jaimie Cameron, who celebrated her 21st birthday at Grange! We received several thanks you notes from the CT FFA Foundation for our sponsorship of AG Communications Career Development and a picture of FFA members to grace our hall walls. Barbara Bonin volunteered to man the Grange booth at September 9th Sterling Family Day and will give out free apples as well as “talk Grange”! Thanks to Link Cooper, necessary upgrades have been made to the Ekonk Booth at Brooklyn Fair--time and money made for a much improved Grange Booth! We now have a 4th picnic table under our pavilion; supper crowd overflow can enjoy outside eating with seating now for 32! By this reading, we now own 3 more grills, which will be used at Celebrate “AG” at Woodstock Fairgrounds Sept. 23rd, when our Grange will be feeding 700+ breakfast and lunch incredible undertaking! The Committee for this event include: Jody Cameron, Barbara Bonin, Paulette Craig and Link Cooper. Many thanks to them for chairing this massive undertaking!

The 2018 Sterling Community Calendar information will be in the hands of the printer by the time you read this: our 16th year providing this free resource to Sterling residents! We will have a September 16th Peach Shortcake Supper-thanks to Verna Cole for suggesting we bring this supper back; last year the failed peach crop necessitated cancellation. Mary Mortimer resigned from our Scholarship Committee after many years of dedication. Her resignation was accepted with regret. It was voted to make this Committee an elected one, moving forward. Deborah Sharpe remains on the committee and will serve as Chairman (1 year term). Bonnie Deojay (also on the committee for many years) will be the 2 year member and Katie Molodich will replace Mary Mortimer and have a 3 year term. At every June election, the committee member with the 1 year term, will be up for election. We have given scholarships for 27 years. We said “goodbye” and “good luck” to two of our youth officers. Carly Sebastian (Granger since age 5) leaves soon for Eastern State University to major in early childhood education, with numerous scholarships to help her (former Greeter/ Gate keeper). Matt Maher of our Executive Board, left the Friday after Installation to attend the oldest private military college in the United States, Norwich University (VT). He earned a full 4 year scholarship and upon graduation, will be an Army officer! We are SO proud of our amazing young Grangers and their accomplishments!


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