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September News from Simsbury Grange

By Susan Masino

  September 12, 2017 --


Simsbury Grange receives two Neighborhood Assistance Grants!

On August 4th the Simsbury Grange was notified that its applications for two Connecticut Neighborhood Assistance grants were both approved in full! These grants are designated to provide job training and assistance as well as energy conservation improvements to the Grange building. The total for both grants is nearly $40,000.

These grants are not “free money.” The Neighborhood Assistance Program allows Connecticut businesses to donate to an organization in their community and receive a tax credit in return. Businesses that donate to the energy conservation program will receive a 100% tax credit; donating to the jobs training program will yield a 60% tax credit. The Grange is a great community organization to receive this type of benefit as we are non-partisan and non-denominational – our goal is to help and serve the community!

The minimum amount for any business is $250, and we have an unexpectedly short timeline: forms must be filed by the end of September.


Please, if you have a business, or if you know a business that might be interested in helping our Grange (rather than paying taxes, a win-win!), or if there is a business that has worked with Granges in the past we would like to give them the first opportunity to take advantage of this!!! Please contact Susan Masino at susan.masino@trincoll.edu  ASAP!

Tax forms and more information will be available at the Simsbury Grange Agricultural Fair held on Saturday September 16 from 10 am to 3 pm at 236 Farms Village Rd. West Simsbury. Come for the bagpipes, the games, the vendors, the hayrides, the music and more!

Hope to see you there, please contact us if you (or any other business) are interested. We are happy to share our experience with other Granges to help their future applications!


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