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From The Chaplain's Desk
July /August 2008 Chaplain's Corner

By Amy Whitcomb, State Chaplain

  JULY / AUGUST 2008 --

As the lazy days of summer come to us we take time to relax and look about our world.  God is the source of our serenity.  What a precious time this is, a time to life our spirits and our hearts to God within and to experience this divine presence more fully.  Centered in the presence of God we relax our bodies, breath deeply, and let any negative thought fade away.  With each breath we take we feel God’s presence surrounding and enfolding us. We picture ourselves basking in the crisp, clean air of a mountaintop retreat and breath in fresh feelings of peace.

God is the source of infinite peace, and immersed in this divine presence, we radiate serenity and poise.  Relaxing in this sacred moment, we deepen our awareness of God and the peace that passes understanding when we pray or reflect on our World.  In the stillness of this sacred mountaintop experience, we lift our thoughts and focus on the true source of wisdom and inspiration, God.  From this heightened perspective, we look beyond any challenge to see the light that guides us to our good.  God is the light that makes our way clear and gently guides our steps.  This light inspires us to make wise decisions, and we trust it to reveal ideas that open the way to meaningful experiences that transform our lives.  Secure in this light, we await divine direction and new insights now in the silence.

Enjoy the solitude of the summer’s peace and look forward to the fall season.  Have a wonderful summer season.


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