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Membership News
National Membership Director visits Connecticut

By Todd Gelineau, CT Granger Editor

  JULY / AUGUST 2008 -- Select members from across the state gathered at Coventry Grange on June 18 and at Beacon Valley Grange on June 19 to meet with new National Grange Membership/Leadership Director Rusty Hunt.
Prior to joining the staff of the National Grange, Brother Hunt served for 5 years as co-director of the Membership/Leadership Department of the Washington State Grange.
State Master Sendewicz asked Rusty to come to Connecticut to meet with leaders and to discuss the development of a program that will assist struggling Granges and to make all of our Granges stronger.  The purpose of the first two meetings was to become familiar with one another and to discuss priorities that are important to Connecticut’s Granges.
Approximately 18 members were selected to take part in the meetings and to serve on the teams that will work on Membership/Leadership Development projects.  Additional meetings will be set up in the near future and more details about the progress of their work will be announced in upcoming issues.

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